Wholesale Picnic Benches & Multi Buy Deals

Take advantage our great deals for Wholesale Picnic Benches. Starting from just £90 per unit, these deals are great for Pub Gardens, Cafes and other outdoor public areas. These heavy duty pressure treated items are great as Pub Garden Tables and make any public outdoor area look smart, welcoming and very relaxing to your customers.
Quickly and easily order for quick delivery from our available options of:

  1. 5x 6ft – Wholesale Picnic Benches.
  2. 10x 6ft – Wholesale Picnic Benches.

Alternatively, you can call us on 02392483182 to get the best available price for your custom order. Whilst our main offerings for these Multi Buy Deals on Picnic Benches / Pub Garden Tables are for batches of 5 or 10, we are more than happy to accommodate orders with other multiples.
Don’t delay, call or order online today! Make sure that you are ready for a beautiful spring and summer, your customers will thank you!

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